Our Story

Book Buddies was founded by Gracie Yoon over the COVID-19 pandemic. When it was no longer possible to tutor her students in person and schools were closed, she read them children's books over zoom. With the help of Ava Vorabhanda and Petra Tannous, Gracie recruited volunteer readers and created Book Buddies. Book Buddies provides a space online where those wanting to serve their community can record themselves reading a book and students seeking extra help can listen and read along, all while staying safe.

Hello Reader!

Thank you for checking out Book Buddies! The three of us came together with the goal of sharing our love for a good story. We hope that this website helps improve your reading skills and that you discover new books! Meet us in the book gallery and let's read!

Have fun!

Best regards,

Gracie, Ava, and Petra

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¡Hola Lector!

¡Gracias por consultar a Book Buddies! Los tres nos reunimos con el objetivo de compartir nuestro amor por una buena historia. Esperamos que este sitio web le ayude a mejorar sus habilidades de lectura y que descubra nuevos libros! Reúnase con nosotros en la galería de libros y vamos a leer!



Gracie, Ava, y Petra